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Make Blogs Great Again

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

As I've concluded my second month in office I have been evaluating my methods of communication. While social media is a useful tool for information and interaction I wanted to create an avenue for a more nuanced and detailed approach. I'm not a podcaster like my colleague, Benton Blount, but I do enjoy sitting down and typing out my thoughts on issues. Whether it be an explanation of an upcoming vote, constituent concerns, or giving my opinion on a topic (local, state, or national), my website's blogspace seems to be good place for it. I hope citizens in Greenville County and District 17 find this to be useful and informative, and always feel free to shoot topics my way that you'd like me to write about on here. I will continue to evaluate other means/methods for communications and certainly there will be much to come as Council moves to enhance our social media, live streams, and archived meeting videos. Thank you for the honor of representing the greatest district in the greatest county in South Carolina!


Councilman Joey Russo, District 17, Greenville County

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