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Why I'm Running

I’m a lifelong resident of Travelers Rest and Greenville County. I remember as a kid playing football in Gateway Park and running around at the playground at Travelers Rest Methodist. TR is my home, and I’m proud of it. After high school, I attended The Citadel where I studied Criminal Justice and Business. My wife, Maria, is also a lifelong Greenville girl from the Blue Ridge area. We got married in 2016 and currently have one beautiful daughter, Julia. My grandfather first came to Greenville County in the 1950’s while stationed at Donaldson Air Force Base. In 1975, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decided to start a business here, creating a legacy of service and determination that lives to this day. My grandfather on my mother’s side was also a small business owner in Greenville, making me truly blessed to come from a family tree built on hard work. I was raised on the importance of an earned dollar and that nothing is truly free at an early age. Now, I operate my family business and aim to lead in the same way that my family’s legacy has taught me: remember the value of a dollar and that nothing is free. Before working at my family business, I served at the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy. While serving in Law Enforcement, I learned how much our first responders do for us and how much our politicians should do for them. I saw firsthand the pressure these great men and women endure on a daily basis. I had the opportunity to feel the pressure of responding to high risk calls for service, or pulling a car over the in the dead of night with no backup. That real-world experience is an invaluable asset that I will bring to the Council.


It’s no secret- Greenville County is changing. We are growing at an unprecedented rate, and we need leaders on County Council who are ready to meet the changing landscape. We need real fiscal conservatives, who are not afraid to stand up for the taxpayer. We need leaders who know how to balance a budget and lower taxes- not raise them. We need someone who is not afraid of the inevitable growth we are facing, but sees it as an opportunity to usher in the new generation.  I’m running for Greenville County Council because I believe Greenville County needs young, ambitious leaders who understand the value of a dollar, that nothing is free, and that Greenville County will only remain great for as long as we hold our politicians accountable for their actions and their results.


I know the issues facing District 17. I know how to balance a budget and to cut expenses, and I will always fight to keep your hard-earned tax dollars where they belong: in your pocket. And lastly, I will always fight to get our first responders the funding, training, and equipment they deserve, I will never bow to the left- I will always support our law enforcement. Greenville County is changing- I’m running to make sure our values don’t. Conservative values matter. Our First Responders Matter. Taxpayers Matter.

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